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StoneWood Labs is a cybersecurity company that offers consulting services for government agencies and companies of any size. All tools are designed by industry experts with experience working for the Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, and private sector.

About Us

Redefining professional services

We intend to redefine what it means to be professional services by producing products that can adapt to the ever-changing requirements and needs of our customers' mission.



A team of industry experts with experience in CNO and defensive operations

StoneWood Labs is comprised of a small agile team that is capable of adapting products to meet customers’ needs in a timely fashion, with experience consulting for large federal agencies.


To produce cyber security platforms and integrate with customer on-premises authentication, access control, and storage solutions

StoneWood Labs is founded by veterans of the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade. We understand the importance of maintaining the DoD’s edge in defending national defense infrastructure and the nuances of CNO’s mission.


Our Approach

We specialize in providing highly configurable products and services

While our products are developed to solve specific problems, care is taken to empower the end user to tweak and modify the product to solve their problem. These problems are generally unknown at the time of purchase yet require a rapid response. By designing the product to be modified in its architecture, a solution can be delivered quickly by either the end user or through our professional consulting services in a manner that is auditable.

Products and Services

Offer purpose-built highly configurable frameworks

StoneWood Labs sells cybersecurity related products and offers consulting services for government agencies and companies.

Consulting Services

Professional services to implement and administer products within the customers environment.

Creating Products

Developing and tailoring cybersecurity products for our customers everchanging requirements and mission needs.


Our Unique Process

StoneWood Labs creates products that integrate with the customer's existing IT ecosystem, products that are meant to be tweaked to the customer's needs and changing requirements.



Customer Needs

We create tailored products made specifically for the customer's environment.



Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to provide customer support, updates, and features.




By tailoring products and services to the customer’s environment, the customer does not need to buy network or hardware devices to incorporate our products and services.


Industry Experts

Together our team has over 15 years of experience in the industry, working for organizations to include the U.S. Army, DISA, intelligence agencies, Amazon, FireEye, Splunk, and Palo Alto Networks.

Patricia Broome

Co-Founder & CEO

Eric Broome

Co-Founder & CTO

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